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How Can Diabetic Heart Disease Be Prevented?

Taking action to control risk factors can help prevent or delay heart disease in people who have diabetes and in those who don't. Your risk of heart disease increases with the number of risk factors you have.

One step you can take is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle should be part of a lifelong approach to healthy living. A healthy lifestyle includes:

You also should know your family history of diabetes and heart disease. If you or someone in your family has diabetes, heart disease, or both, let your doctor know.

Your doctor may prescribe medicines to control certain risk factors, such as high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Take all of your medicines exactly as your doctor advises.

People who have diabetes also need good blood sugar control. Controlling your blood sugar level is good for heart health. Ask your doctor about the best ways to control your blood sugar level.

For more information about lifestyle changes and medicines, go to "How Is Diabetic Heart Disease Treated?"

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Last Updated: September 20, 2011