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What Does Bronchoscopy Show?

During bronchoscopy, your doctor may see a tumor, signs of an infection, excess mucus in the airways, the site of bleeding, or a blockage in your airway.

Endobronchial ultrasound can show enlarged lymph nodes and tumors in and near the airways. Enlarged lymph nodes can suggest an infection or other problem. The procedure also is used to determine the extent of lung cancer.

Fluorescence bronchoscopy can show an abnormal lesion that can’t be seen with standard flexible bronchoscopy. Some lesions may become cancerous. When lesions are detected early, they may be easier to treat.

Virtual bronchoscopy can show lung problems in the tiny branches of the airways and outside of the airways.

Your doctor will use the results of your bronchoscopy to decide how to treat any lung problems that were found. He or she may recommend other tests or procedures.

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