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What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency?

The first lung-related symptoms of alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency may include shortness of breath, less ability to be physically active, and wheezing. These signs and symptoms most often begin between the ages of 20 and 40.

Other signs and symptoms may include repeated lung infections, tiredness, a rapid heartbeat upon standing, vision problems, and weight loss.

Some people who have severe AAT deficiency develop emphysema (em-fi-SE-ma)—often when they're only in their forties or fifties. Signs and symptoms of emphysema include problems breathing, wheezing, and a chronic (ongoing) cough.

At first, many people who have AAT deficiency are diagnosed with asthma. This is because wheezing also is a symptom of asthma. Also, people who have AAT deficiency respond well to asthma medicines.

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Last Updated: October 11, 2011