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City and County Sites

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We Can!® created a city/county program in 2007 so that local government leaders could join our movement at the highest participation level—running programming with the help of partners, conducting multiple events and trainings, and promoting them through the media.

The first group of cities and counties registered to become part of the program in May 2007. Since that time, many more have followed their lead, and played two invaluable roles: 

  • By showing support for the We Can! program at the top level of local government, they’ve mobilized community members to help children maintain a healthy weight
  • They’ve inspired other cities and counties to do the same through their successes 

What We Can! Does for Cities and Counties

When a city or county joins the movement, there some specific benefits beyond signing up for a unique and successful program. They include:

  • Recognition by the National Institutes of Health
  • Having the city/county’s efforts and successes featured in the We Can! eNewsletter, on the website, and in other We Can! publications
  • Access to technical assistance in planning and coordinating programming and kickoff events
  • Access to national We Can! representatives and exhibits for kick-off events
  • A free We Can! city/county road sign
  • All the benefits of being a community site

What Cities and Counties Do for We Can!

By registering with the program, municipal leaders promise to complete the following activities over the course of one year:

  • Announcement of their city’s and/or county’s commitment to the program through a letter of commitment from the mayor or county executive to We Can!
  • Public announcement of the program through a proclamation by the mayor or county executive and/or launch events
  • Provision of information about We Can! or its activities to city/county employees
  • Four or more We Can! parent programs/curricula
  • Four or more We Can! youth programs/curricula
  • Four or more We Can! community outreach events
  • Promotion of the site as a We Can! City/County to local media and stakeholders
  • Recruitment of and collaboration with local partners to implement We Can! programming
  • Submission of an abstract and photos of We Can! activities

For more insight on these activities visit the Implementing Your City or County Program and the Resources for Cities and Counties sections.

You may wish to read some of the case studies from registered We Can! cities and counties to help you determine if the City/County program is a good fit for your community.

While some communities choose to become a We Can! City or County immediately, many current members start by first becoming community sites, which have a less intensive level of programming. For more information on other programming options, see our Types of Community Sites page.

If you have additional questions or are interested in becoming a We Can! City or County or a We Can! community site, please contact the We Can! staff at

Last Updated: July 23, 2013

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