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Primary Care Partnerships to Prevent Heart Disease in Women
Primary Care Partnerships to Prevent Heart Disease in Women

Heart Truth-Ohio: Case Western Reserve University

Dr. George Kikano (primary care) and Dr. Ileana L. Piña (cardiology) are working to improve risk factor screening and provide early intervention and treatment for women at risk for heart disease in primary care outpatient settings in Ohio. Together, they assembled a team to create Heart Truth-Ohio, designed to close the gap between physician knowledge and practice in the State of Ohio. Using The Heart Truth®campaign materials for health professionals, Heart Truth-Ohio will provide physicians and related health care professionals educational opportunities to increase their awareness of risk factors for heart disease and improve patient care for women aged 40-75. The program will also provide various tools and techniques needed to counsel women on risk factors and advice on making heart healthy lifestyle choices. The goal of this initiative is to increase physicians’ knowledge, counseling skills and treatment of women and implement the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Guidelines for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in Women.

Armed with Heart Truth materials, the Heart Truth-Ohio team will offer a variety of educational activities in many venues throughout 2009 in various locations in Northeastern Ohio to meet the needs of the busy primary care provider. Grand rounds, video teleconferences, dinner meetings, and live conferences will be offered to these providers along with continuing education credits. Online modules will also be available at to address a number of topics from an overview of heart disease to behavior aspects of CVD prevention. An e-mail link is also available on the Web site for providers to pose questions to the Heart Truth faculty. Through the intense dissemination process, the Heart Truth-Ohio team hopes to create a network of primary care providers in Ohio joined together in the fight against heart disease in women.

Spotlight on Success: Heart Truth Ohio

The Heart Truth Delaware: A Program of the Delaware Primary Care Partnership

This three-year program, supported by the HHS Office of Women’s Health, is a statewide collaboration among Delaware’s primary care providers in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Federal, State and local organizations to prevent heart disease in women. The program organizes professional education programs integrating Heart Truth materials and AHA guidelines, and effective behavior change training and office intervention.

Opinion leaders across the State are being trained to assess, prevent, and integrate cardiovascular disease screening and referral into their primary care practice. Medical teams are being trained in motivational interviewing techniques to support their patients through the process of healthy lifestyle behavior change. A primary care office intervention will guide organizational change to improve prevention, screening, and referral systems for heart disease. In addition, The Heart Truth materials will be incorporated into the Delaware nursing and residency curricula for their future primary care providers.

The program Web site, assists providers with the following resources:

  • Specialist referral guide

  • Statewide community resource directory for women with cardiovascular risk factors

  • Patient education materials, Web sites and videos

  • Updated clinical guidelines and clinical tools

  • Web-based professional education

  • Schedule of local professional education events

  • Health news updates

Spotlight on Success: Heart Truth Delaware

The Research Center for Stroke & Heart Disease (Research Center) of the Jacobs Neurological Institute, State University of New York at Buffalo

The Research Center for Stroke & Heart Disease (Research Center) of the Jacobs Neurological Institute, State University of New York at Buffalo, is conducting Primary Care Partnerships to Prevent Heart Disease in Women, a program to increase awareness among primary care providers in the high-risk Upstate and Western New York (WNY) regions about heart disease in women including how to assess, diagnose, and treat the condition according to evidence-based guidelines. The Research Center targeted rural WNY during year one with the partnership of the WNY Rural Area Health Education Center, an organization that recruits new providers and provides established professionals with ongoing training to assure rural residents access to quality care. This year, the targeted areas include the Erie — Niagara Region as well as Central New York.

The Research Center will host several geographically-dispersed educational interventions (community-and hospital-based) featuring expert speakers — both cardiologists and primary care leaders from within the communities. Discussion will include heart disease risk assessment, lifestyle and treatment recommendations, and pharmacologic interventions utilizing The Heart Truth Professional Education Materials. Also included will be discussion on avoiding initiating therapies without benefit, or where risks outweigh benefits; the feasibility of integrating these recommendations/tools/approaches into the primary care practice, and Motivational Interviewing techniques. As an alternative to attending a live educational intervention, primary care providers have the option of participating in web-based training. The educational interventions and web-based training are eligible for CME credit.

The Research Center will work with colleges and universities in the Upstate and WNY regions to distribute The Heart Truth materials for inclusion in medical and nursing grand rounds, seminars, and curriculum to reduce the existing knowledge gaps about women and heart disease among new primary care providers.

Survey data will be collected from primary care providers throughout the course of the program to determine outcomes. To learn more visit or

Spotlight on Success: Jacobs Neurological Institute

Last Updated: February 29, 2012

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