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National Wear Red Day Toolkit
National Wear Red Day Toolkit


From The Heart

The Heart Truth’s® goal is to inspire women to care for their hearts and make lifestyle changes, while at the same time offering advice From the Heart. Below are some ideas for sharing heart healthy inspiration with those you love.

From The Heart, For The Heart

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and share our advice and gifts From the Heart or create your own to share with loved ones. Whether the gift #FromtheHeart is a heart healthy meal for two, a funny movie marathon to de-stress, or dedicated time to set aside for a heart-to-heart conversation — these gifts offer an opportunity to pause and invite someone you love to do something heart healthy.

Advice From The Heart Community Chalkboard Activity

Large chalkboard with heart advice

Encourage friends, family, colleagues, and your community to take heart healthy actions by inspiring them to share their advice From the Heart, For the Heart on a large community chalkboard that can be displayed in a centralized location at community events, in your workplace, at a local coffee shop, library, gym, or at your place of worship, where visitors are asked to write their advice From the Heart.

You can purchase a chalkboard from your favorite craft store or make your own heart-shaped one with foam core poster board and chalkboard paint. You can use the chalkboard to engage your audiences at whatever time works best for you. The boards can be reused, so your organization may want to plan multiple events for your community. Some key dates are:

  • February 1 – The first day of American Heart Month
  • February 14 – Valentine’s Day
  • March 8 – International Women’s Day
  • Mother’s Day (May) – The first day of National Women's Health Week

Create Your Own Chalkboard Activity Kit

  • One “chalkboard” (can also be heart-shaped)
  • An easel for each chalkboard
  • Box of chalk
  • Chalk holders (optional)
  • Eraser
  • Box of wet wipes to clean hands

Other Ideas

If you are not able to use a chalkboard, you can work with your community and network to take over a bulletin board at a community center, hospital, clinic or school and add heart healthy messages using sticky notes. Encourage visitors or those passing by to write their advice From the Heart on a sticky note, construction paper, notebook paper, etc. You can also ask a local store, restaurant or coffee shop to allow you to set up a board on a wall where clients/visitors are encouraged to take a minute to write their advice From the Heart to encourage others in your community to live heart healthy.

Getting Things Going

Ask participants to give their best heart-healthy advice – what they’d tell their best friend, their sister, or their mom. If possible, have one or more people (dressed in red!) near the board to encourage participation – and remind them that what they say can help to save lives.

Encourage everyone to share their advice for continued heart health. Key themes are:

  • Healthy Eating and Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Mental Health and Stress Reduction
  • Be Heart Healthy with Friends and Family

It may be helpful to start the ball rolling by adding one or two pieces of advice to your boards.
  • Take care of yourself – for all the people who love you!
  • Schedule your well woman visit.
  • Run or walk with a friend.
  • Active is beautiful.
  • How about a strawberry yogurt instead of strawberry cheesecake?
  • Eat your veggies, they’re delicious!
  • Little changes make a big difference.
  • Keep calm – and reduce stress.
  • Be proactive! Talk to your doctor.

Promote Your From The Heart Community Chalkboard Activity

  • Send out an invitation to your social media and other networks to invite them to visit the chalkboard and share their advice From The Heart, For the Heart.

  • Share, like, retweet the advice shared on your chalkboard #FromTheHeart across Facebook and Twitter. You canShare, like, retweet the advice shared on your chalkboard #FromTheHeart across Facebook and Twitter. You can also share your own advice #FromTheHeart on your social channels using the hashtag.


Last Updated: March 2016

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