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  1. It is recess time. Everyone is outside on the playground running, climbing on the jungle gym, playing ball, and jumping rope. It is a windy, spring day with lots of pollen in the air. One of the things which brings on Juan's asthma is pollen. Juan is sitting all alone near the school with nothing to do.

  2. Kesha's science team wants to learn about caring for animals for their science report. One of the things which brings on her asthma is a furry pet. Without this project, the team will not get a good grade.

  3. Joey is a new boy to our class. On one of his first days at school, he had an asthma episode. Now he never joins the other children at active games during recess and stays to himself.

  4. Maria is the best runner on the class relay team--if she remembers to take her asthma medicine and avoid asthma symptoms. She hates to take her medicine because she says it tastes yucky. She also says it makes her feel different and sick. The class really wants to win the school championship.

  5. The prize for the winning class in a school contest is to have the school rabbit mascot "Little Bunny" live in the classroom for a month. There are two children with asthma in the classroom.

  6. Jennifer is supposed to take her asthma medicine right before lunch. Each day she has to go to the nurse's room to get it, and this makes her a few minutes late getting to the cafeteria. When she gets to lunch, she has to sit with a group of younger children because there is no seat with her class.

  7. Each day when they jump rope before school, Kim sees that her friend Marta cannot seem to catch her breath even long after they have stopped jumping rope.

  8. Kadir never has had asthma problems in school, and the teacher doesn't know about it. The teacher has given Kadir the job of clapping the very dusty erasers. This is one of the things that brings on his asthma.

  9. Miguel plays for his class soccer team. Today there is an important game with a rival class. Exercise is one of the things which brings on his asthma. He has forgotten to bring his asthma medicine to school.

  10. While putting together a display of old Native American crafts which had many furred items, Tran noticed that he could not stop coughing. He remembered that he did the same thing when he borrowed a friend's fur-lined gloves.

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