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Crossword Puzzle

crossword puzzle layout


1. In normal breathing, the ________ are open and air flows freely.

6. Some children with asthma take medicine before they ________.

9. A condition with a set of signs and symptoms.

10. A condition that affects the airways of the lungs.

12. If you ________ a friend with asthma, they may not take their medicine because they are embarrassed.

13. ________ smoke can make asthma worse.

14. A scarf around the face can help prevent asthma symptoms when it is ________ outside.

15. If you have a question about asthma you could ask the school ________.

16. Children with asthma may take ________ to keep asthma episodes from happening.


2. ________ system: The parts of the body involved with breathing.

3. The ________: Physical changes or feelings which show a disease or condition exists.

4. ________ and feathered pets can make asthma worse in some children.

5. Children with asthma can be ________, healthy people.

7. Asthma ________: an event or series of asthma symptoms which may include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

8. A ________ ________ meter shows how well air moves through the lungs.

11. Children with asthma must ________ the things that make asthma worse for them.

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