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Health Professionals

Pre/Post-Test (Grades 4-6)

Asthma affects the __________________ in the lungs which are part of the __________________ system.

Four things that can make asthma worse are __________________, __________________, __________________, and __________________.

When a person is having an asthma episode, I might see signs and symptoms such as __________________, __________________, __________________, and __________________.

If I think I might have asthma, I can get help from people like __________________, __________________, and __________________.

I can help my friend deal with his/her asthma by __________________ or __________________.

Write in the blank if the statement is True or False.

________ Children with asthma can run and play like their friends who do not have asthma.
________ I can catch asthma from a friend, just like a cold or flu.
________ Furry pets are one of the things which make Kim's asthma worse, but it is OK if she plays with a cat for just a little while.
________ My friend with asthma probably doesn't mind if I tease him about using his medicine.
________ Children with asthma have to miss a lot of school.
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