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Shopping List

Download Shopping List pdf document (35k) handout.

Make a shopping list. Include the items you need for your menus and any basic items you need to restock in your kitchen. An asterisk after an item means you should use the nutrition label to choose foods lowest in saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, and calories.

  • Produce
    • Fresh fruits (mangos, apples, oranges, pineapple)
    • Fresh vegetables (cabbage, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, cactus, okra, yuca, plantains)
  • Milk Products
    • Fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk
    • Fat-free or low-fat (1%) cottage cheese
    • Fat-free or low-fat cheeses
    • Fat-free or low-fat yogurt
    • Light or diet tub margarine
    • Fat-free sour cream
    • Fat-free cream cheese
    • Eggs
  • Canned Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, and Soups
    • Canned fruit in juice
    • Applesauce
    • Canned tomatoes (no salt added)
    • Low-sodium tomato sauce or paste
    • Other canned vegetables (no salt added)
    • Canned broth (fat free, low sodium)*
    • Other canned soups*
    • Canned beans (no salt or seasoning added)
  • Whole-Grain Breads, Muffins, and Rolls
    • Bread, bagels, pita bread
    • English muffins
    • Corn tortillas
    • Low-fat wheat tortillas
  • Meats
    • Chicken
    • Turkey
    • Fish
    • Beef (round or sirloin)
    • Extra lean ground beef
    • Pork tenderloin, leg, shoulder
    • Lower-fat lunch meats like turkey, chicken, and lean roast beef*
    • Dry beans and peas
  • Fats and Oils
    • Margarine (liquid, tub, stick, diet)*
    • Vegetable oil
  • Cereals, Rice, Crackers, Pasta, and Noodles
    • Cereal, dry or cooked
    • Brown rice
    • Whole-wheat pasta (noodles, spaghetti)
    • Other
    • Saltines, soda crackers*
    • Graham crackers
    • Other crackers*
  • Baking Items
    • Flour
    • Sugar
    • Vegetable oil spray
    • Fat-free canned evaporated milk
    • Fat-free dry milk powder
    • Unsweetened cocoa powder
    • Baking powder
  • Frozen
    • Fat-free or low-fat frozen yogurt and desserts*
    • Frozen vegetables without sauces
    • Frozen fruit juices
  • Other
    • Herbs and spices (oregano, cumin, red pepper, cilantro, parsley

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Information on this page is taken from the English print version of “Your Heart, Your Life, A Community Health Worker's Manual.” U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, NIH Publication No. 08-3674, Originally Printed 1999, Revised May 2008.

Last Updated March 2012

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