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Lola's Life Lessons

Download Lola's Life Lessons: Session 1 pdf document (217k) handout.

One of my favorite proverbs is:

“Aanhin pa ang damo, kung patay na ang kabayo.”

Translation: “What good is the grass if the horse is already dead?”

When the doctor told me I had high blood pressure, your Lola was surprised. I do not know of anyone in my family who had high blood pressure, but the doctor said my parents’ generation might not have known about all of their health conditions.

When I first came to the United States, I thought I was lucky to be able to afford such good food here. I never thought about whether the foods had too much salt or too much fat. And since living in the United States, I do not walk everywhere like I did in the Philippines. But now, I realize that life is too valuable to overlook these things.

I decided that I have to change my eating and physical activity habits to keep the horse from dying. What good is it if I am here, but unhealthy or suffering? How will I play with my grandchildren and help them become healthy adults? I have learned that knowledge is wealth that cannot be stolen, and I now eat healthy and do physical activity regularly. If I can change my habits at this age, anyone can. It really brings a lifelong reward to yourself and your family.

A Time to Reflect…

What things keep you from making lifestyle changes? What can you do to overcome these things?

Write down your thoughts for this week's session.

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Information on this page is taken from the English print version of “Healthy Heart, Healthy Family: A Community Health Worker's Manual.” U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, NIH Publication No. 08-3674, Originally Printed 1999, Revised May 2008.

Last Updated March 2012

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