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Guidelines on Overweight and Obesity: Electronic Textbook
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1. Blood Pressure

To evaluate the effect of weight loss on blood pressure and hypertension, 76 articles reporting the results of RCTs were potentially eligible for inclusion. Sixty articles included lifestyle trials that studied diet and/or physical activity, and 16 articles were of pharmacotherapy trials. Dietary interventions included low-calorie diets and diets that promoted macronutrient composition changes, such as amount and type of dietary fat. Physical activity, when included, was used to help promote increased energy expenditure. These trials did not always control for other dietary factors that lower blood pressure, such as dietary salt, and the degree to which those taking the blood pressure measurements were blinded to the patients' change in weight. 

Of the 35 lifestyle RCT articles deemed acceptable, 16 included hypertensive patients (346-361), and 19 were conducted in individuals with normal or high normal blood pressure (362-380).

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