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Blood Pressure:
 150/96 mmHg

Ron's Top Ten Ways To Make
And Keep Healthy Changes

"Sticking to a good diet and engaging in regular physical activity hasn't been easy. Here's my top-ten list of ideas that really helped keep me motivated."

  1. I give myself a reward. For every week that I stick to my diet and fit in some physical activity, I get to rent a movie of my choice for the weekend.

  2. I try to do different things during the week to keep me moving. I like to walk during the day and play softball with friends in the evenings. On the weekend, I mow the lawn or take a walk with my wife.

  3. On days when I know my schedule will be busy, I try to get a little physical activity first thing in the morning, before I leave for work. At first it's tough to wake up earlier, but it gives me extra energy during the day.

  4. I set a goal for each week. At the beginning of the week, I try to challenge myself to do just a little bit better this week — drink water instead of soda, or walk a quicker mile.

  5. I cut back on processed foods. They account for most of the salt we eat.

  6. I took the salt shaker off the table. At first, I kept reaching for it, but I'm hoping that out of sight will be out of mind.

  7. Every week, my wife Monica and I try to make a meal using spices instead of salt. This week, we're trying Italian herbs — oregano, basil, and parsley.

  8. I speak up at restaurants now. I started asking which dishes had a lot of salt, and whether the chef would make something for me with no salt. You'd be surprised — most of them have been pretty nice about it.

  9. I put an exercise bike in front of the television. Now, instead of just sitting on the couch, I can watch the evening news and get some physical activity.

  10. Most important — I got help. My wife has helped encourage me every day. She doesn't nag, but her reminders get me going.

About Ron

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