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  Hal Fullerton
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Blood Pressure:
 162/110 mmHg

Why are you concerned about high blood pressure?

"I got a wake-up call after I started getting chest pains. I found out from my doctor that I've got high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol, some big risk factors for a real heart attack."

What are some steps you will take to lower your high blood pressure?

"I know, I know — I weigh too much, eat too much, and drink too much! My doctor says I need to lose at least 15 pounds and eat a lot healthier. No more pizza and beer snacks!"

How will you achieve your blood pressure goals?

"My wife Barbara is my secret weapon. She's been cooking up healthier food for both of us. And she walks with me every night. It's a lot easier when you can be healthy together."

What's your toughest challenge?

"I never paid attention to any of that medical stuff before, but now I've got to keep up with my pills, and I've got a new way of eating to think about."

Quotable quote: "I've got a lot to live for, so I'm making room in my life for heart health."

About Hal

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