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The Diagnosis, Evaluation and Management of von Willebrand Disease

Financial and Other Disclosures

The participants who disclosed potential conflicts are:

  • Dr. Andra H. James (medical advisory panel for ZLB Behring and Bayer; NHF, MASAC),

  • Dr. Marilyn Manco-Johnson (ZLB Behring Humate PÆ Study Steering Committee and Grant Recipient, Wyeth Speaker, Bayer Advisor and Research Grant Recipient, Baxter Advisory Committee and Protein C Study Group, Novo Nordisk Advisory Committee),

  • Dr. Robert Montgomery (Aventis Foundation Grant; GTI, Inc., VWFpp Assay; ZLB Behring and Bayer Advisory Group; NHF, MASAC), and

  • Dr. William Nichols (Mayo Special Coagulation Laboratory serves as "central lab" for Humate-PÆ study by ZLB Behring).

All members submitted financial disclosure forms.

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