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Tuberculosis Minority School Partnership Award
Shobita Rajagopalan, M.D., Charles R. Drew University
Partner -- Antonio Catanzaro, M.D., University of California, San Diego



The Tuberculosis (TB) Academic Award Minority Medical School Partnership is an important NIH initiative to enhance the knowledge about TB in minority and underserved communities in the U.S. Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) is a unique minority institution comprised of the Colleges of Medicine and Allied Health, the Medical Magnet High School, and a variety of educational, research, and community programs. Dr. Shobita Rajagopalan's background in Infectious Disease, and her position as the Chairperson for the Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee at CDU, provide her immense opportunity and a particular ability to implement appropriate curricula changes that will strengthen the education of medical and allied health students, post graduate physicians, and other health professionals about the diagnosis, management, and prevention of TB in high-risk communities (i.e., homeless, shelters, immigrant communities, and geriatric facilities) that contribute to high prevalence of TB among minorities. In keeping with Drew's mission to educate and train individuals to provide quality medical care to underserve communities, the specific goals and objectives of this project are to 1) encourage the development of high quality curricula at CDU that will significantly increase the opportunities of students, house staff, and others health professionals in the prevention, management, and control of TB by: A) Medical students: Increasing teaching of TB in core courses, integrating public health TB clinic rotation for senior medical students with structured instruction and computer-based learning about TB; B) Physician assistant (PA) students: integrating organized TB didactic sessions into the two-year PA program, and TB public health clinic electives in the clinical year; C) Post-graduate physicians I-III: developing a multidisciplinary consulation program, and increasing the number of quality presentations dealing with TB in all clinical departments at King/Drew Medical Center (KDMC); D) Specialist: providing in-depth training to the two infectious disease fellows; E) Health care workers in the community: developing programs with the support of Dr. Paul Davidson, Director of Los Angeles County TB Control that enable medical staff and students to deliver screening and therapy to the homeless, immigrant and refugee population, and selected geriatric care facilities; provide lectures, multidisciplinary consultation, and community outreach programs from CDU and KDMC, especially in areas of high TB morbidity; F) Public education: providing information about TB to children from the Magnet high school, and develop TV programs, and instructional videotapes through King/Drew Health Sciences Library; 2) develop and implement inter-departmental communication between primary care and other specialists to promote a coordinated clinical approach to patients of various ages and ethnic groups who have TB; 3) encourage applied research by undergraduates, post graduates, and Drew faculty in the control of TB; 4) assist in the development of faculty to enhance skills for appropriate instruction in diagnosis and management of TB; 5) integrate a global perspective about TB as it relates to immigrant populations in the U.S.; 6) facilitate interchange of ideas between TB academic awardees.

For more information please contact:
Shobita Rajagopalan, M.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Internal Medicine
Charles R. Drew University
Medicine and Science
King/Drew Medical Center, MP-11
12021 South Willmington Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90059
Phone: (310) 668-4591
Fax: (310) 763-8929

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