Table 3. Current and Pending Research Grant and Contract Support of the Training Faculty

(Alphabetically by Faculty Member)


Sample Table 3


Faculty Member

Funding Source, Grant or Contract No., and Title

Current Year Direct

Costs Awarded (Pending) 1

Project Period


Gavett, M.




Holmes, J.

American Heart Association Established Investigator

Molecular Cloning of Heart K+ Channels

-03 $ 35,000


Holmes, J.

NIH 2 R01 HL46789 Regulation of Vascular

K-A TPase

-06 $ 198,250


Smythe, A.

NSF PCM 81-27741 Cellular Mutagenesis

-01 $ 30,500


Terry, W.

NIH 1 R01 AI12345 Immunological Reactivity and Allograft Response

-01 $ (97,150)


Terry, W.

Novartis Corporation

Regulation of Enothelial Growth and Immunological

Suppression of Myocardial Antigens

-04 $ 80,000



1Awarded figures for funded grants or contracts, or requested costs for pending applications.


Instructions: For each participating faculty member, list active and pending research grant and contract support from all sources
(including Federal and non-Federal grant and contract support) that will provide the context for research training experiences. If none,
state "None". Include the source of support and grant number; title; status (active or pending) and dates of the entire project period;
annual direct costs. (This table should replace Research Support of the "Biographical Sketch Format Page" of the SF424 application
kit for each faculty member.)


Rationale: One component of the overall strength and suitability of the training environment is the pool of active and pending research
grant and contract support held by the preceptors.