Pre-Submission Checklist for Applicants
Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research/
Research Supplements to Promote Re-Entry into Biomedical and Behavioral Research Careers

NHLBI Suggested Pre-Submission Checklist to facilitate a complete application. For applicant use: do not submit with application.


The following is a brief list of items to check prior to application submission. It does not include everything and it is important to review the instructions in the NHLBI Guidelines before submitting application.

For eligibility and other details for the Research Supplements to Promote Diversity, please see the NHLBI Guidelines.

For eligibility and other details for the Research Supplements to Promote Re-Entry, please see PA-08-191.

Basic Items

  • Application is submitted 3 months prior to requested start date.
    Eligibility of applicant has been verified.
    Candidateís graduation date is concurrent with or after the end date of the supplement applied for (high school, undergraduate, graduate       candidates).

Cover Letter

  • On Institutional letterhead.
    Signed by PI and institution business official; includes current email addresses of PI, business official and candidate.
    Letter states type of supplement (e.g. diversity, disability, re-entry) and level of supplement requested (e.g. undergraduate, graduate,
          post-doctoral, etc.).
    Letter specifies the basis for eligibility of the candidate (e.g. citizenship/residency status, ethnicity, nature of disadvantaged status, disability).
    Letter provides parent grant/contract number and title.
    Provides rationale for a hiatus for post-baccalaureate/post-masterís and provides candidateís intention to attend graduate or medical school. For       re-entry, provides information on reasons for and length of hiatus with dates.
    States that the candidate has not received PHS support of the kind that is prohibited.
    States that proposed research was not deleted by the Initial Review Group.
    If relevant, the Institution must provide documentation that all requirements for graduation/degree have been completed at the time of application.


  • For graduate, medical or other health professional students Ė letter of acceptance or verification of current enrollment. High school;       undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, postmasterís, and graduate student candidates Ė official transcript required.
    Include only the last 4 digits of the SSN.
    Minimum time: Adequate time remains on parent grant/contract for a summer research experience (high school, undergraduate, medical student,       health professional student), 1 year (post-baccalaureate/post-masterís, graduate), 2 years remaining (not less than 18 months) for post-doctoral       and investigator level supplements.
    Description of the proposed research states relationship to parent grant or contract (e.g. how is it a logical extension) and how it will benefit the       candidate. (Must be a logical extension of the parent grant/contract at post-baccalaureate, post-masterís, graduate, post-doc, and investigator       levels only.)
    Proposed research meets NIH Guidelines for human subjects/animals. If new human subjects are required for candidateís research project, plans       address NIH policies on inclusion of women, minorities, and children, and IRB approval.
    Research plan states how proposal complements, but does not duplicate research in the parent grant or contract (post-baccalaureate/
          post-masterís, graduate, post-doctoral and investigator level supplements).
    Methods for analyzing data are described in enough detail to convey understanding.
    A statement, prepared and signed by the candidate, outlining research objectives, career goals, and how the supplement will assist career       development. Candidate signature block contains address, telephone number and email address.
    Milestones provided for post-baccalaureate/post-masterís to show active pursuit of entry into a graduate or a health-professional school, and       where the candidate expects to be upon completion of the supplement award.
    Includes a timetable for proposed research/manuscripts and attempts to secure independent funding (for post-doctoral and investigator levels       only).
    Mentoring plan/schedule is included. All mentors listed in the description and table of mentors correspond.
    Candidateís bio-sketch Ė include educational achievements, honors, publications, presentations, other evidence of scientific research experience.
    PIís bio-sketch Ė include mentoring record (previous trainees and NHLBI Supplement awardees if any, current positions, etc). Co-PI bio-sketch not       needed.
    If candidateís research will be conducted at a site other than PIís home institution, an appropriately signed letter of approval is included from the       other site.
    If candidate is a high school or undergraduate student planning to conduct research during the academic year, a letter is included from the school       confirming that the proposal will not interfere with the studentís school requirements.
    If a post-baccalaureate/post-masterís supplement, candidate has requested support within 24 months of completing a Bachelorís or Masterís       degree/medical degree.
    If an investigator level supplement, the candidate has at least 1 full year of relevant post-doctoral research experience and was appointed as a       junior faculty member no more than 24 months prior to the anticipated start date of the supplement.
    Requested start date synchronized with budget start date for the parent grant/contract (especially for post-doctoral, investigator level, and
          re-entry supplements).
    If human subjects research, documentation that candidate has received Education in the Protection of Human Research Participants is included.
    Description of Responsible Conduct of Research training is included which cites examples of the topics covered in the training as well as frequency       and degree of participation of supplement candidate.


  • Amount requested in budget justification matches amount requested on face and budget pages.
    Salary and other direct costs are requested for candidate only; no consultant fees.
    Travel does not exceed $1,000.
    Justification states what funds will be used for.
    Travel for high school supplement candidate, if requested, is well justified i.e. travel to scientific meetings, home, school, research site.
    Equipment is extremely well justified (investigator level only).
    Salary and fringe benefits do not exceed cap. If budget exceeds allowances, extremely strong justification is provided.
    Inflation factor should not be included.

Last Updated: January 2011

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