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Funding & Research


National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
National Institutes of Health

April 2008

New Applications

Direct costs (not including indirect cost for collaborating institutions) for new awards for Program Project Grants (P01s) for Fiscal Years 2007 and beyond (i.e., for the February 1, 2006, application receipt date and thereafter) may be requested for up to the following level:

FY 2008 and beyond: $1,515,000

No annual increases in noncompeting years may be requested. Equipment is included in the budget ceiling. Indirect costs associated with a consortium or contractual arrangement are not included in the budget ceiling.

Competing Continuation Applications

Competing renewal applications may request up to the recommended direct cost shown on the Notice of Grant Award for the last noncompetitive segment. As with new awards, no annual increases in noncompeting years may be requested.

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