Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for RFA HL-12-027 “Reducing the Impact of Hypertension in Low and Middle Income Countries (U01)”

Q: "I would like to propose work in China or India, am I eligible to apply?"
A: Additional Information on Eligibility section has been revised by the addition of the text below.

Eligible studies

High priority will be given to work in non-GACD member low and middle income countries. For the purpose of this solicitation, a GACD member is defined as a public funder of research in a country that has committed or communicated to the leadership of the GACD its intention to join the GACD. 

The additional text:

"The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) is a GACD member. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had expressed an interest to join GACD and recently has signed an MOU to become a full GACD member. Neither CAMS nor ICMR have not contributed funds to this RFA."

Therefore, applications proposing work in India and China will be given low programmatic  priority. If you intend to send an application with work in China or India, please contact the program officers listed in the RFA to explore other options.

Q: Can the domestic institution direct costs exceed 30% of the total direct cost per year if personnel from the domestic institution carryout research activities in the LMIC country?
A: No, because the intent of the following statement in the FOA is that the LMIC institution(s) conduct the majority of the implementation work.

"This NHLBI FOA is calling for applications from US domestic institutions, in partnership with one or more institutions in a LMIC, where the majority of the implementation work is being conducted in the LMIC."

Last update: July 2011

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