Frequently Asked Questions on Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment Research RFA HL-10-004 and RFA HL-10-005

Q. Do collaborative teams need to be formal entities (e.g. Clinical and Translation Science Awards) or can they be formed to apply for this RFA?

A. Collaborative teams must be formed before applying for the grant. They do not have to be formal entities already established, but can be established to respond to the RFA. It is anticipated that this team or network will commit at least 7 years to conduct the study.

Q. Can infants also be targeted?

A. Applicants can target young children including infants. Logistical issues such as valid and reliable measures (e.g., objective measures of physical activity) must be addressed in the application.

Q. In regards to prevention, can the intervention be family-based? Can there also be a school component?

A. The intervention must be multi-component and must address multiple levels and settings.

Q. The FOA indicates that applications are sought from multi-disciplinary research teams. What is an example of such a team and what expertise should members have?

A. The types of expertise will vary depending on your research. Examples include the following:experts in research methodology and study design, biostatistician, pediatric obesity interventionist, public health nurse, teachers, social workers, pediatricians, nutritionist, community agency staff, physical activity interventionists, health-care practitioners, physicians, preventive medicine staff, pharmacologist, epidemiologist, physiologist, neurobiologist, geneticists.

Q. Is Phase I required? We have significant pilot data and would like to use the time allotted for Phase I to implement a longer intervention phase.

A. Phase 1 is highly recommended. You should provide sufficient justification for not having phase 1.

Q. If I apply for both the Research Coordinating Unit (RFA HL-10-005) and the clinical trial (RFA HL-10-004) , do I need to submit two separate applications?

A. Yes, you need two separate applications. Refer to RFA HL10-005 for the Research Coordinating Unit application. Note, you cannot be the Principal Investigator for both RFAs (i.e., HL-10-004 and HL-10-005).

Q. My research focuses on both prevention and treatment of youth. Will I be responsive to this FOA if I focus on both?

A. Yes, you can focus on both. A clear justification for doing so, including your sample size calculations, must be provided.



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