Broad Agency Announcement No. NIH-NHLBI-HC-99-06

"Early Access to Defibrillation for Victims of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OOH CA)"

Broad Agency Announcement No.: NIH-NHLBI-HC-99-06
Amendment No.: One (1)
Amendment Date: December 17, 1998
BAA Issue Date: December 7, 1998
Issued By: Lisa T. O'Neill
Contracting Officer
Contracts Operations Branch
II Rockledge Centre, RM 6122
6701 Rockledge Drive, MSC 7902
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-7902
Name and Address of Offeror(s): To all interested recipients of BAA Number NIH-NHLBI-HC-99-06

The purpose of this amendment is to clarify two sections of the Broad Agency Announcement released on December 7, 1998. Accordingly,

  1. Revise ATTACHMENT A, II. BACKGROUND AND HISTORY, to place a roman numeral III. in front of and to capitalize "Study Design" as follows:

  2. Revise ATTACHMENT C., item I. TECHNICAL PROPOSAL TABLE OF CONTENTS, item 4. TECHNICAL PLAN to delete " (approximately 25 pages)" and insert "(LIMIT 30 PAGES)" and item 8. APPENDICES to add the sentence "The total number of appendices SHALL NOT EXCEED 100 single spaced pages."


Lisa O'Neill, Contracting Officer, NHLBI
United States of America

Date Signed: December 16, 1998

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