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How and when do I submit my application?

How: NIH 

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
the United State's medical research agency, a federal government agency composed of diverse Institutes and Centers that conduct and support biomedical and behavioral research. NIH Homepage.
is in the process of converting systems to require Electronic Submission of all grant applications by September 2007. Applicants are encouraged to prepare themselves now to participate in electronic submission. offers step-by-step instructions for electronic submission of applications in Apply for Grants. NIH has training information on Electronic Submission of Grant 
financial assistance mechanism providing money, property, or both to an eligible entity to carry out an approved project or activity. A grant is used whenever the NIH Institute or Center anticipates no substantial programmatic involvement with the recipient during performance of the financially assisted activities.
Applications. You will also find SF424 Application and Electronic Submission Information on the OER 
Office of Extramural Research (OER)
a NIH office that supports extramural research by providing policy and guidance to the NIH ICs that award grants and assisting investigators through the process of attaining grants funding and helping them understand and navigate through federal policies and procedures. OER Homepage

When: In general, most new clinical research grant applications have three receipt dates each year (See Submission Dates/Deadlines). This is unlike applications that are in response to a RFA, RFP 

Requests for Proposals (RFP)
initiatives sponsored by an NIH institute for a contract to meet a specific need, such as the development of an animal model or circulatory assist devices or a specific multicenter clinical trial.
or PA 
Program Announcements (PA)
NIH announcements requesting grant applications in stated scientific areas where money is generally not set aside to pay for the grants.
where a specific due date is delineated in the announcement.


Center for Scientific Review (CSR)
the portal for NIH grant applications and their review for scientific merit. It organizes the peer review groups that evaluate the majority (70%) of the research grant applications sent to NIH. CSR Homepage
describes in detail the Submission and Assignment Process here.

Remember that applications that exceed $500,000 in direct costs 

Direct Costs
costs in a grant or contract identified with a project or program which may include salaries, travel, supplies, patient care costs, consultant services and others.
in any year are subject to additional submission rules and may not simply be submitted to CSR without prior approval of NHLBI. If CSR receives such an application, it will be returned to you without review. (See "What if my project exceeds $500,000 in direct costs")

Multiple Principal Investigators is a new opportunity to formally allow more than one Principal Investigator ( PI 

Principal Investigator (PI)
a qualified person designated by an applicant institution to direct a research project or program, oversee scientific and technical aspects of a grant and the day-to-day management of the research.
) on individual research awards particularly on projects that require a team approach. Read the information carefully to acquaint yourself with which mechanisms allow multiple investigators and how to indicate this in your grant application.


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