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Special video user guide for screen reader users

The following elements of the FLASH player have been demonstrated to work with JAWS versions 9, 10, and 11 in the default mode, i.e. with the virtual cursor on.

  1. "Play" button to start
  2. "E" button to stop
  3. "Reverse 5 seconds" button
  4. "Forward 5 seconds" button
  5. "Show captions" button (JAWS generally does not read the captions)
  6. Graphic volume will display volume in percent, but you may need to refresh the screen (Insert+Escape)
  7. "Volume down" button
  8. "Volume up" button
  9. Playhead at "N" seconds will display where the video is playing (Refresh the screen using Insert+Escape in JAWS to change the seconds displayed)

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