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Workforce Development Section (WDS)

Mission Statement

The Workforce Development Section (WDS) is located within the Management Services Branch within the Office of Management. The WDS provides NHLBI managers and supervisors with information, resources and tools to recruit, reward, and retain talented staff, as well as to optimize performance in support of the NHLBI’s mission by performing the following functions:

  1. Monitors the Institute’s overall workforce and provides data for workforce planning and development which includes tracking accessions, separations, promotions and workforce diversity;
  2. Manages the NHLBI Executive Development Training Program, specialized instructional training for NHLBI managers, supervisors and employees and serves as the point of contact for special internship and leadership programs e.g., STRIDE, Management Intern Program, NIH Senior Leadership Program, Excellence in Government Program and the NHLBI Administrative Internship Program;
  3. Coordinates and manages the Institute’s special recognition program including the NIH Director’s Award, DHHS Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service, PHS Commissioned Corp Award, NHLBI Director’s Bonus Award, EEO-related awards and the Employee Suggestion Program;
  4. Coordinates and manages the review of public trust investigations for security clearance;
  5. Serves as the point of contact for HR aspects of competitive sourcing, corporate recruitment and performance management;
  6. Provides input on the development and implementation of policies related to employment, practices, operations, and the overall work environment;
  7. Works with management to address and resolve internal management, administrative and operational issues which impact employees, performance, morale, safety and the work environment;
  8. Manages the Institute’s corporate recruitment program.

Phone numbers are available in the Abbreviated Staff Directory under the Office of the Director.

Updated July 2012

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