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Information Technology and Applications Center (ITAC)

The Information Technology and Applications Center (ITAC) directs and implements a broad range of business, research, and clinical informatics programs in support of the biomedical research mission of the NHLBI. It articulates the NHLBI information technology (IT) strategic plan, forecasts future needs, sets, and implements NHLBI IT policies and procedures. The ITAC defines and executes IT management methodologies, encompassing strategic planning, complex organizational structures, technical project management, and business process modeling and re-engineering.

The Information Technology and Applications Center (ITAC) plans, monitors, and enforces information and systems security, it also Engineers and oversees the day to day operation of the NHLBI information technology and data infrastructures -- including software, servers, storage, networks, databases, websites, and computing and mobile devices. The ITAC Manages IT acquisitions and the associated IT budget for the Institute -- including the Capital Planning and Investment Control process for all the NHLBI IT investments.

The ITAC guides and supports the NHLBI administrative and scientific staff in the development and effective use of IT applications and services, it collaborates with other NHLBI Divisions, Offices, and Centers to identify IT needs, and to evaluate and implement IT solutions to meet those needs; and it studies, evaluates, and tests new technologies, hardware, software, and information systems.

Office of the Director

The Office of the Director (OD) provides oversight and management of the ITAC, including strategic alignment with the priorities of the NHLBI, leadership and guidance to the ITAC Branches and Sections, and Center-wide resource and space management. It communicates and promotes the goals, needs, and achievements of the NHLBI in the areas of information management and technology to: the NIH and its institutes; HHS and other Government agencies; and outside vendors and partners.

The OD reviews the IT component of all RFAs and RFPs issued by the NHLBI and provides clearance for such. It works with officials during the execution of grants and contracts with significant IT components to evaluate the appropriateness of the investment and to ensure adherence with the NHLBI IT guidelines and policies. Through the Information Systems Security Officer, the OD provides systems security administration and management including: defining standards; implementing and monitoring information systems security measures; and enforcing all OMB, HHS, NIH, and NHLBI IT security guidelines and policies.

Information Technology Security Section

The Information Technology Security Section implements the NIH, HHS, and Federal Government IT Security policies, and audits the NHLBI IT assets for compliance with IT Security policy. It remediates security vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure and workstations, reviews IT security components of contracts, and develops and implements strategies for IT security in infrastructure, desktop, and custom software. The Information Technology Security Section works with the NIH IT Security Team to implement NIH security guidance and develop Certification and Accreditation (C&A) packages for all the NHLBI sponsored applications, systems, and hosting environments. It develops IT Security policy, maintains an IT Security posture in line with the risk to confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the NHLBI data. Finally, it ensures all the NHLBI staff comply with mandatory IT security requirements, including training.

Customer Support Branch

The Customer Support Branch (CSB) maintains website content on the NHLBI's public internet sites and internal intranet sites, provides high-quality, customer-oriented technical support to ensure the optimal operation and usage of the NHLBI IT resources, and manages the operations of the IT Help Desk -- including service requests, ticket queue, support performance metrics and reports, and quality assurance. The CSB expands the information technology knowledge of the NHLBI user community through classroom instruction, one-on-one training, and documentation in areas such as software applications, security, and new technologies. The CSB provides remediation services and advice on Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act.

Scientific Solutions Delivery Branch

The Scientific Solutions Delivery Branch oversees contractor teams implementing solutions focused on scientific needs across the Institute, including support for Intramural research databases and tools and science focused systems for the Extramural program. It sets standards for the selection and implementation of scientific systems, advises customers on solutions to their scientific IT needs. The Scientific Solutions Delivery Branch conceives and develops state-of-the-art custom software, databases, and web-based applications addressing the scientific needs of the organization.

Business Solutions Delivery Branch

The Business Solutions Delivery Branch oversees contractor teams implementing solutions focused on business and administrative processes across the Institute including support for administrative functions, grants, contracts, human resources etc. It provides leadership and technical expertise to ensure that the NHLBI Web Properties are aligned with the Institute’s mission and effectively communicate the Institute’s messages. It manages the NHLBI Web Governance framework and implements policies set by the Digital Policy Council, ensures that the NHLBI web properties and technologies remain in compliance with all applicable Federal regulations. It defines the performance metrics for and measures the impact of the NHLBI web-based communication efforts. It conceives and develops state-of-the-art custom software, databases, and web-based applications addressing the business needs of the organization.

Please send inquiries to the NHLBI Web Manager by emailing

Infrastructure Services Branch

The Infrastructure Services Branch specifies, acquires, configures, and maintains the technical architecture including configuration, defines the operational principles and procedures in all matters that pertain to the storage, delivery, and safeguarding of business data available over the information network. It develops and maintains technology standards including service delivery processes, desktops, servers, mobile devices, storage, networking, and other infrastructure items. It evaluates, pilots, and tests new technologies, provides recommendations for evolution of the NHLBI IT technical architecture. The Infrastructure Services Branch defines standards for information management and the technical infrastructure; sets the technical frameworks and programming languages supported at the NHLBI for software development; and defines the methods and tools used to ensure that software product development adheres to process, performance, and qualities standards. It maintains and improves IT applications based on formal evaluations and user experience, and in response to evolving development methods and technologies and configures, installs, and troubleshoots all IT devices deployed to the NHLBI user community.

Office of Operations Management

The Office of Operations Management manages and directs the technical functions of the Information Technology and Applications Center (ITAC), ensures that processes are in place to facilitate support of customers, management of the NHLBI IT Infrastructure, the assurance of IT security, and the development and implementation of software systems. It collaborates with ITAC stakeholders to regularly evaluated the processes of ITAC and works to continuously improve operational performance, develops the IT Strategic Plans for the Institute, reviewing them with stakeholders and then putting in place concrete operational plans to meet the goals expressed in the strategic plans. It monitors performance against operational plans, oversees the Center's budget including conducting studies to support long range planning for investment in infrastructure, manages all acquisitions required to support the mission of the Center including acquisition of IT hardware, software, and services. It provides required reports to the NIH OD, OCIO, and HHS as required, including those documents required to ensure compliance with legislation, regulation, and policy such as Clinger-Cohen and FISMA.

The Office of Operations Management oversees the operation, maintenance, and enhancement of the NHLBI IT Infrastructure ensuring that the infrastructure meets the changing needs of the Institute. It oversees all customer support activities including the NHLBI IT Service Desk, IT Training, the "Walk In Center," and the Customer Relationship Management Program. It assesses customer satisfaction and creates plans for continuous improvement, sets standards and policy for the design and implementation of hardware and software systems, and regularly assesses compliance with these standards. It monitors performance of contractors and works with the Office of Acquisitions to ensure that contractor performance is managed, and develops and publishes NHLBI specific IT security policy, and develops and implements plans for continuously monitoring compliance, remediating issues where necessary.

For further information contact:
The Information Technology and Applications Center
The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
ATTN: Website Inquiries
One Rockledge Center, Suite 6086
6705 Rockledge Dr. MSC 7994
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-7994

Additional phone numbers are available in the Abbreviated Staff Directory

Last Updated August 2014

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