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Office of Research Training and Minority Health (ORTMH)


Office of Research Training and Minority Health (ORTMH) was established by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) effective July 1, 2002. ORTMH provides leadership for the heart, lung, blood, and sleep research training programs across the institute and the NIH. It also serves as the NIH focal point to help ensure greater participation of racial and ethnic populations in research and training programs. ORTMH works closely with all other NHLBI Divisions and Offices as well as other NIH organizations to accomplish our mission.


Research Training

  1. Provides leadership and oversight of NIH extramural research training and career development programs and policies as the IC representative to the NIH Training Advisory Committee;
  2. provides agency-wide expertise in ensuring appropriate utilization of NIH's resources and programs in meeting the Nation's future biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research workforce needs, with a particular emphasis on new investigators;
  3. develops, implements, and evaluates IC policies and procedures for research, training, and career development awards;
  4. provides leadership, coordination, and/or oversight responsibility of information concerning NHLBI’s programs, policies, and procedures to the biomedical research training community;
  5. provides and coordinates targeted programs including efficient utilization of existing mechanisms and data resources to address research training, manpower, and research priorities, such as inclusion of minorities in research studies and ensuring a diverse research workforce.

Minority Health and Health Disparities

  1. Serves as the NHLBI focal point for advice and guidance on matters pertaining to minority health and minority participation in research, including identifying gaps and needs as well as opportunities to address them;
  2. provides leadership, coordination, and oversight for an NHLBI-wide strategic plan to improve research for minority and health disparity populations on diseases and conditions that affect these groups disproportionately;
  3. develops and promotes strategies for outreach to improve minority enrollment in clinical studies;
  4. fosters culturally appropriate educational and translational models to inform the general public and practice communities of research findings;
  5. promotes effective dialogue between researchers and trainees, including those in minority and health disparity communities, by establishing professional, community and/or mentoring networks important in communication with various population groups.


For further information contact:

NHLBI, Office of Research Training and Minority Health
Rockledge Centre II
6701 Rockledge, Suite 9093
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-7913
Main Phone : (301) 451-5081
Fax : (301) 480-0862
Mail Stop Code: 7913

Staff phone numbers and e-mail info is available in the Abbreviated Staff Directory

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