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Why Do Fruit Flies Take Naps? NHLBI Investigator Studies Connections Between Sleep Patterns and Gene Networks in Fruit Flies

Audio File Gary H. Gibbons - August 19, 2014

When NIH researchers talk about genome-wide association studies (GWAS), they’re often talking about research that compares DNA markers across the genome in people with a disease to people without the disease. In the case of NHLBI’s Dr. Susan Harbison, she’s most likely talking about the DNA and genome of Drosophilia, aka, the common fruit fly. Read full message

Women's Health: A Legacy of Commitment …

Gary H. Gibbons - August 6, 2014

When Dr. Bernadine Healy passed away in 2011, she left behind a legacy of bolstering biomedical research on women’s health. While Director of the NIH, she established a policy to fund only those clinical trials that included both men and women when the condition being studied affected both sexes. It was during her tenure as NIH director that the NIH launched the landmark Women’s Health Initiative, which is now housed within the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Read full message

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