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On World Sickle Cell Day, an Invitation to the Community
Gary H. Gibbons, M.D. - June 19, 2015
Each June, World Sickle Cell Day offers NHLBI a chance to reflect on our ongoing commitment to improving the lives of those living with this devastating blood disorder. Sickle cell disease affects millions worldwide and about 90,000 to 100,000 people in the United States. NHLBI- and NIH-supported research has made significant advances that have helped extend the lives of those who have sickle cell disease. But we recognize much remains to be accomplished, such as enabling a generation of children with sickle cell disease to live without fear of suffering a stroke. Our efforts include not only seeking a more-widely available cure but engaging and enriching the community affected by this life-long condition.
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The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), one of the largest women's health projects ever launched in the United States, continues to yield new insights for the health of women. As the program gears up to launch two new trials, I took the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of women who have participated in the WHI for many years, and sent them a heartfelt note of thanks. They responded with numerous sincere sentiments of gratitude for being able to participate in the study.
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