Office of Translational Alliances and Coordination (OTAC)

The Office of Translational Alliances and Coordination (OTAC) is charged with accelerating the translation of basic discoveries and innovations into new diagnostics, devices, and therapeutics and with facilitating the development of new technologies via Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) initiatives and other new and innovative programs. In this role, OTAC initiates and facilitates the development of SBIR and other programs focused on emerging technologies of national importance in the areas of heart, lung, and blood diseases and sleep disorders; serves as a focal point for the extramural research community for information about the NHLBI small business technology development opportunities; and facilitates strategic alliances between the federal and private sector stakeholders. OTAC disseminates the NHLBI vision of strategic technology development to the other NIH Institutes, Federal agencies, the small business and technology development communities, and private industry.

To achieve these goals, OTAC has four major functions:

1. Coordination of the SBIR/STTR Programs

2. Strategic initiative and Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) development

3. Business Development and Regulatory Assistance

4. Outreach and Partnership

What's New at OTAC

SBIR/STTR Program: OTAC began coordinating the SBIR/STTR program in October 2011... learn more

NHLBI's Centers for Accelerated Innovations (NCAI): The NCAI program is currently under development and aims to identify, accelerate, and increase the number of innovative early stage technologies that are translated into marketable products.... learn more

Last Updated March 2012

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