Division of Cardiovascular Diseases Strategic Plan

Goals in Enabling Technologies and Methodologies for Cardiovascular Disease

Table of Contents

  1. Develop individualized/personalized medicine for cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Develop new bioinformatic tools for cardiovascular medicine.
  3. Develop dynamic, predictive computational models of cell/organelle function in health and disease.
  4. Improve biocompatibility and durability improvements for cardiovascular devices.
  5. Improve tissue engineering technologies for cardiovascular regenerative medicine.
  6. Apply nanoparticle-based targeted agents to diagnose and treat CVDs in clinical practice.
  7. Identify, characterize, and apply progenitor cells appropriate for cardiovascular regeneration and repair.
  8. Develop improved imaging technology for diagnosis and therapy for CVDs.
  9. Improve cardiovascular surgical outcomes for patients through evidence-based research.

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September 2008

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