Division of Cardiovascular Diseases


The Division of Cardiovascular Diseases (DCVD) provides leadership for a national and international extramural program in cardiovascular diseases (CVD) that integrates basic science and clinical research, including translational research, networks, and multicenter clinical trials. It designs, conducts, supports, and oversees research on the causes and prevention and treatment of diseases and disorders such as atherothrombosis; coronary artery disease (CAD); myocardial infarction and ischemia; heart failure; arrhythmia; sudden cardiac death; adult and pediatric congenital heart disease; cardiovascular complications of diabetes and obesity; and hypertension. It also supports and oversees research in vascular medicine and biologyand valvular, cerebral, renal, peripheral, and other cardiovascular disorders .  The DCVD fosters biotechnological research in genomics, proteomics, nanotechnology, imaging, device development, cell- and tissue-based therapeutics, and gene therapy, and in their uses as they relate to CVD.  It also supports training and career development programs in cardiovascular research at all educational levels from high school students to academic faculty, including programs for individuals from diverse populations.

The Office of the Director, DCVD may be contacted at 301-435-0466.

September 2008

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