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Division for the Application of Research Discoveries (DARD)

Provides leadership for the vigorous pursuit of excellence in national as well as international research translation, dissemination, and utilization programs to speed the application of scientific advances in the prevention, detection, and treatment of cardiovascular, lung, and blood diseases and narrow the discovery-delivery gap. Through knowledge networks, education programs, community outreach, conferences, and symposia, provides opportunities for multidirectional communication and collaboration among researchers, clinical and public health practitioners, patients, and the general public. (1) Connects research and practice in a continuous learning loop; (2) identifies knowledge gaps that should be addressed by future research; (3) enables rapid translation of emergent knowledge by synthesizing and organizing evidence around priority diseases and conditions; (4) facilitates knowledge-sharing and collaboration with key stakeholder groups; and (5) reaches out to people in high risk, low-income, and minority communities to eliminate health disparities.

Office of the Director

(1) Plans, coordinates, and manages activities of all DARD subdivisions; (2) fosters and coordinates inter-NHLBI and interagency collaborative national and international research translation, dissemination and utilization activities, and knowledge network activities; (3) develops and maintains the necessary technical management capability to foster and guide effective national and international research translation, dissemination, utilization, and communication programs; and (4) provides administrative and crosscutting technical support and coordination to achieve NHLBI strategic planning goals and objectives.

Research Translation Branch

(1) Manages emergent knowledge for rapid translation through more effective approaches to synthesize and organize evidence around priority diseases and conditions; (2) identifies knowledge gaps for informing future research opportunities; (3) promotes the use of evidence-based reviews and developing or facilitating the development of clinical guidelines with relevant stakeholders; (4) develops clinical decision support and other innovative implementation applications for use in clinical and public health practice settings; and (5) facilitates knowledge exchange opportunities for researchers and users of research to discuss issues of research applicability, relevance, and utility to inform future research needs and opportunities through knowledge networks and other strategies.

Enhanced Dissemination and Utilization Branch

(1) Collects, synthesizes, and communicates new knowledge and recommendations for dissemination and utilization of research-based findings to diverse target audiences including minority and underserved groups; (2) provides technical assistance and information resources to enhance NHLBI grantees' dissemination plans and practices; (3) accelerates the speed with which evidence-based tools, and education programs move into community practice settings through best practice strategies in research dissemination and utilization; (4) establishes community-based Enhanced Dissemination and Utilization Centers committed to applying and evaluating the impact of the latest research advances in multiple settings to achieve DHHS Healthy People Goals and to eliminate health disparities; and (5) conducts data analysis to inform program planning and evaluate the impact of dissemination and utilization activities.

For further information, contact:

Division for the Application of Research Discoveries (DARD)
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
ATTN: Web Site Inquiries
31 Center Drive, MSC 2480
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-2480

Phone numbers are available in the Abbreviated Staff Directory.

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