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SDRAB Meeting Minutes - April 30, 2012


Dr. Michael Vitiello, Chair
Dr. Ronald Chervin
Dr. Leszek Kubin
Dr. Sairam Parthasarathy
Dr. Catherine Vena
Mr. Gagandeep Walia


Dr. Mercedes Carnethon
Dr. Daniel Rudic


Dr. Michael Twery, NHLBI, Executive Secretary


Dr. Merrill Mitler, NINDS, NIH
Dr. Xenia Tigno, NINR, NIH
Dr. Ellen Witt, NIAAA


Dr. Lawrence Baizer, NCI, NIH
Mr. Maria Barhams, NHLBI, NIH
Mr. Peyvand Ghofrani, NHLBI, NIH
Dr. Lindsey Grandison, NIAAA
Ms. Morgan Jones, NHLBI, NIH
Dr. Caroline Signore, NICHD
Ms. Lisa Webber, NHLBI, NIH


Ms. A. Austin
Dr. Rosalind Cartwright
Dr. Susmita Chowdhuri
Dr. Chris Colwell
Dr. Charles Czeisler
Mr. Mike Delayo
Mr. James Fadden
Dr. Patricia Graczyk
Dr. G. Jean-Louis
Ms. Kristin Jones
Dr. Akram Khan
Dr. Clark J. Lee
Mr. Peter Masbach
Dr. Allan Pack
Ms. Ila Sensenich
Dr. Pat Strollo
Dr. Phyllis Zee


Ms. Kristine
Ms. Mariana
Ms. Jenny G.

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INTRODUCTION, Michael Twery, PhD

  • The meeting was called into session via teleconference and webinar at 3:00 pm as previously announced in the Federal Register [FR Doc. 2012-6955]; Public access was provided.
  • The Sleep Disorders Research Advisory Board (SDRAB) is a Federal Advisory Committee established by the NIH Revitalization Act of 1993 (42 USC Sec. 285b-7).
  • Members of the Board were informed of their status as special government employees during the meeting and that conflict of interest guidelines apply to conduct. If at any time there is a potential COI, each person should recuse themselves until the conflict has concluded.

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  • Overview of several current funding opportunity announcements for sleep and circadian research was provided, including one for Education Research in Sleep Health and Sleep-Circadian Biology that is administered by Dr. Danny Lewin of NCSDR.
  • NIH initiatives and funding support as they relate to the sleep research plan were presented. Sleep funding opportunities across the NIH were presented at all levels of investigation including basic, clinical, translational, and research training.
  • An overview of the process for preparing initiatives and funding announcements at the NIH was presented.

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  • Dr. Vitiello proposed writing a letter from SDRAB to the new NHLBI director to introduce the Board and its functions. Ideas were solicited from board members, and a draft would be prepared by Drs. Vitiello and Twery and sent to all SDRAB members for comment or approval of text during the May in-person meeting. Board agreed, and the motion was approved.
  • Structure, frequency, and timing of in-person and teleconference SDRAB meetings going forward were discussed. Board agreed that in addition to one in-person meeting every year, 3 teleconference/webinar meetings per year would be conducted.
  • SDRAB requested presentations about sleep and circadian research advances be considered to complement the discussion of research planning.
  • An update on SDRAB member status, and process for replacing SDRAB members whose terms have ended was presented. An overview of the Federal Advisory Committee Act and NIH policies governing the selection of advisory committee members was presented including geographic, race/ethnicity, gender, expertise, grant support, and personal experience contribute to a balanced representation. These requirements must be considered together with the need to locate “seasoned” experts. NCSDR accepts recommendations for potential Board nominations continuously.
  • SDRAB requested that NCSDR assess the feasibility of a comprehensive cataloguing of sleep and circadian funding opportunities available federal government wide. NCSDR will investigate and is open to specific suggestions. However, it was noted that systematically and proactively soliciting information from the public was a regulated activity under the federal Paperwork Reduction Act. NCSDR welcomes submission of Federal funding opportunities on a voluntary basis. Appropriate activities can be shared through the NCSDR operated SleepRFA listserv (
  • Draft agenda for the May in-person meeting was discussed. Potential topics include a presentation on health care delivery research, the NIH initiative development process, multi-site clinical research initiatives, a report from the AASM/SRS Task Force, and discussion of how to bring focus/attention and momentum to selected research directions.
  • Dr. Vitiello asked for any other comments and hearing none, the meeting was adjourned at 5pm.


  • Chair and Dr. Twery will prepare letter from SDRAB to the new NHLBI director, a draft of this letter will be evaluated and finalized during the May in-person meeting.
  • SDRAB members will consider who will become Chair when current Chair’s term ends at the end of June. Each Chair’s term is one year and may be repeated. This will be decided during closed session during May’s in-person meeting.
  • Trans-NIH representatives will be invited to submit report to the board on how their institutes are addressing the research plan for discussion at the next meeting.
  • A calendar of future scheduled in-person and teleconference/webinar SDRAB meetings will be developed.


  • May 30-31, 2012, Federal Register Volume 77, Number 91 (Thursday, May 10, 2012)] Page 27471

These Minutes will be presented to the full Board at its next regularly scheduled in person meeting for consideration, amendment as approved, and formal adoption.


I hereby certify that the foregoing minutes are accurate and complete.

Michael Vitiello, PhD

Michael Twery, PhD
Executive Secretary

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